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MarXtar Wake-On-WAN

"When it Comes to Patching,
What You Can't See CAN Hurt You"

One drawback of today's more environmentally aware vendors and users is that our devices save more power by going to sleep or switching off. For those trying to keep ahead of the malware creators this increases the difficulty of getting full coverage with the patches needed to protect against exploits.

How can we patch overnight without leaving devices online?


MarXtar Wake-On-WAN

MarXtar extends Wake-On-LAN functionality beyond the confines of the local subnet by leveraging automatically selected and maintained representatives across the network. Wake-On-LAN (WoL) becomes Wake-On-WAN (WoW) dramatically increasing the reliability of your out-of-hours maintenance schedules.

Wake-On-LAN Wake-On-WAN
Wake Within Subnet Wake Across Subnets
Needs Network Changes No Network Changes
No Visible Progress Realtime Visibility
Unknown Subnet Coverage Visible Subnet Coverage
Current Power State Unknown Realtime Power State Metrics
Limited Shutdown Control Shutdown ONLY Woken Devices
  Manages Power Management on Reps
  Stand-Alone, SCCM & Ivanti Integrations


An Essential Part of a Layered Security Model

Patching of the OS and Applications is a critical foundational component of a modern security model. If patching can only be performed to devices that a user has left online then coverage will be limited. The ability to wake devices to be patched, whether that be during the working day or outside of business hours, is a critical component in achieving and maintaining patching coverage.

Shutdown Only Woken Devices

MarXtar's real-time knowledge of the power state of devices means that those already online don't need to wait for others to come online.

This state awareness also means that shutdown commands after the maintenance is complete only powers down the devices that were brought online thereby avoiding impact on devices that were left online for a reason.

Clear Metrics and Environment Coverage

Reaching 60% of the environment is bad; or is it? Knowing what can possibly reached sets expectations at the correct level. If only 60% of the environment is available to be brought online, then 60% success is the best possible outcome. Only contextual knowledge allows you to understand what these results really mean to you.

Stand-Alone or Microsoft SCCM & Ivanti Integrated

MarXtar Wake-On-WAN can work in any Windows environment but in this environments where Microsoft SCCM or Ivanti Endpoint Management is deployed, integrations allow for these systems to be leveraged.

Take advantage of the environmental knowledge of these systems to accurately target maintenance schedules. Automatically initiate updates from these systems as part of the Wake-On-WAN maintenance schedules.

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