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  • State ManagementMarXtar developed solutions for real-time knowledge, historical understanding, and control of the future...
  • Enterprise NotifierMarXtar developed solution for Mission Critical and Audited Communication to End Users and Devices Without Reliance on Email...
  • Wake-On-WANMarXtar developed solution extends Wake-On-LAN functionality beyond the confines of the local subnet for times when what you can't see CAN hurt you...
  • SWImageEmbrace operating system deployments with SWImage. Zero User Downtime, Zero Data Loss, Zero-Touch. Only SWImage can do this...
  • Ivanti ONE PartnerIvanti Software Solutions and Enhancement technologies from other Ivanti One ISV Partners such as ourselves...
  • MarXtar SUPPORTService Desk, Systems Management or Both? UK Based Consultant staffed Service Desk...
  • MarXtar LIFECOACHService Desk, Systems Management or Both? Far more than just installation & support. A true partnership in your future success...
  • Ivanti LEARNINGTry our unique 'Do 2 Understand' courses and give Boot Camp the Boot...
  • Microsoft SCCMExtending and Enhancing your SCCM investment like only we can...

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"Any Old Tool Can Image
It Takes an Expert to Migrate"

Embrace operating system deployments with SWImage. Refreshing a PC will improve performance and prolong the life. With SWImage, this process has never been simpler. Run the migration overnight and users will not miss a step in their workday.


When migrating overnight, many users are not even aware their PCs were completely reimaged.  That’s because SWImage does not miss a step.  All settings, all applications, all data are completely restored.   Only SWImage can do this.

SWImage Simplifies Desktop Provisioning, Migration, and Deployment

Realtime Migration Monitoring

Auto Application ReInstallation

Never-Fail Migrations

Never Ever Lose Data

!! Migrate While Encrypted !!

Users Can Self-Migrate

Replacement PC, Migrate Everything

Zero-Touch Migrations

SWImage Self Migration kit

** Zero User Downtime **
** Zero Data Loss **
** Zero-Touch


Challenges Solved with SWImage

Fear/Risk of Data Loss

Fear/Risk of Migration Failure

Managing and Patching Images

Managing and Reinstalling a Vast Variety of Applications

Managing Drivers for a Vast Variety on Hardware Models

Managing the End-User and Upper Management’s Expectations

Knowing the Exact State of Every PC, Before, During, and After the Migration

Something Going Wrong

Migrating an Encrypted PC

Migrating PCs in Small Locations or Home Offices in Remote Locations

Migrating Across Trusted or Untrusted Domains

Proper Project Management and Reporting

Utilizing advanced features such as: 


Role-Based Template Layering

Driver Interrogator

T-Minus Workflow Engine

Application Matching

Data Guard

Encryption Key Transfer


migrate the world


Quality And Integrity in All That We Do.

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